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5 Ways to Motivate yourself during lockdown

Due to the Current Situation, everyone is staying inside their houses. Many of them are Facing Mental issues and other kind of Stress problems. Here are the 5 ways to Motivate yourself:

1. Reduce the Distractions

Distractions make you lose focus on the Task you are doing. So it’s better to remove all the Distractions in your Area or Workspace. If your phone Distracts you then I would suggest you to Keep it on silent and Put it a Room away.

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2. Put Every-days task into your calendar

Being organized definitely help you get motivated to your Work. It’s better to prioritize your Daily Tasks in your Calendar and Just see them Right away after you wake up in the morning. If you want me to give you suggestion then I would urge you to use Google Calendar

Calendar Planner

3. Try to read some motivating quotes every single day

I know there are Quotes everywhere on Internet but do you really apply those Quotes into your Life. Try Applying those quotes starting from Today, motivating quotes really help you get some Motivation to Start Something.

Motivational Quotes
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4. Treat every problem as a Gift

You need to change the way you think about your problems, When you start treating your Problem as a Gift then you will automatically stop seeing them as Problems 

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5. Start reading books

Reading Books is the Best way available to keep yourself focused and Motivated. Reading Self Improvement books increases your Brain’s Concentration Power and Eventually, You will start seeing the World in a Different way.

I will Suggest you some Books which I am reading Currently that could Help you too

  1. Attitude is Everything
  2. Eat that Frog!
Reading Book


So this was it. I hope you all will try apply these things into your Life. If you Liked this Blog do leave a Comment Below 🙂

Have a Good Time ahead

Rohit Chauhan

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