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Content Creator should Carry these during Travelling

Being a Content Creator could seem easy to many of you, but it is not as easy as you see. I will not be telling you about the Problems we Face or the Hard work we do. I am writing this Blog article to Let you know about the Things you Should always Carry as a Content Creator during travelling

1. Phone

The Most Important one, No one can live without a Phone Right? I know some of you can Live But just Think about that. You can Capture, Communicate, Document, Record anything that you want on a Go. You don’t have to be Carrying around big pieces of equipment everywhere you go. I always carry a phone so that I don’t miss a moment.

Picture of iPhone

2. My DSLR

I carry around my DSLR just to get some more Sharper Shots with more Depth of Field. I have More Control over DSLR pictures than I have on my Phone Pictures.

Nikon D3400 Picture

3. My Lenses

I have 2 Lenses with me, One is the 50mm Nikon Prime Lens and the second one is 18-55mm Nikon Kit lens that came with my Camera. I Use Prime lens Mostly for My Portraits. And I use Kit Lens mainly for Videography.

50 mm Prime Lens

4. Gadgets Bag

The Amount of Gadgets I discussed above is Impossible to Carry if you don’t have a Gadgets Bag. A Gadgets Bag is Very Important for you if you want to Keep your Gears Safe and Clean. It helps you to keep them Organised as Well. I personally use this Gadget Bag from Amazon.

5. Wires

Wires are the most essential thing of all, without them, your Gadgets can’t even work after Running out of Battery (if Rechargeable). So, you need to carry all the important wires like Phone Cable, Laptop Charging wire, Camera Battery Charger, etc.

Picture of Chargers and Cables

6. Laptop

The laptop is too damn essential for the tasks which you cannot do on Mobile Phones. For Editing Videos, Backuping devices, Transferring Files, etc. I personally carry a Laptop for Transferring all the Footages, Pictures, and for Writing Articles like these. The laptop is Optional for you if you don’t have, it is perfectly alright.

Laptop Picture

7. Skin Care Products

We often forget to take care of our skin while Travelling, and the Skin is exposed to Harmful UV Rays and other Stuff like Pollution. We should make sure that we are taking Proper Sun Protection while Travelling. Sunscreen is always with me, It should be applied Regularly so that you don’t get Sunburn or Other Sun Damage.

Skin Care Products

8. Powerbank

There are certain times when your Phone or Laptop battery Dies, and you want an Urgent Backup or want to Have a Call Urgently. I always make sure that I am Carrying a Powerbank as it is like a Lifeline to my Powerbank.

Powerbank Picture

9. Consumables

Some Snacks, Protein Bars, and Water are my Everyday Essentials. We always need Something to Eat or we would need it in case of Emergency Situations. So please don’t Forget to Carry Some Consumables before Going out on a Trip 🙂



At last, That’s Everything that I wanted to tell you, every Content Creator should be Taking care of Carrying all these Things with them so that they regret in Future.

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