Jaisalmer Trip by Road 1400 KM | Khatima to Rohtak | Part 1

In this Blog Article, I will be Telling you about my experience and about our Journey from Khatima (Uttarakhand) to Rohtak (Haryana) which is About 400KM’s. This will be the Part 1 of this Series. I hope you all will like it.

On 27th January we Started our journey from Khatima. My whole Family is going to Jaisalmer. I will be Driving in the Entire trip to Jaisalmer. We left our House at 9 AM in the Morning. Weather was too Damn foggy outside. Entered NH-57, it is less Foggy over there. We took our First Stop in Sitarganj which is about 25-30 KM from Khatima. We want to have some Candies and Snacks for the Journey. 

After about 15 Minutes, we Resumed the Journey. We want to Reach Rohtak in One day. We want to do our Breakfast, so at about 11:30 AM we stopped in a Highway side Restaurant. We had Paneer Butter Masala with some Tandoori Rotis and a Cup of Coffee was much needed.

After spending about 30 minutes there, we again Continued our way to Rohtak. We were Fed up of Tolls along the Way, Our vehicle Comes under Toll Exemption still we need to Crawl into Lines, just because of the traffic. As we are Moving Closer towards Delhi, the Number of Toll Plazas are also Increasing.

After some time, we Entered the Expressway. I am Driving on an Expressway for the First ever time. I drove on that Expressway for 120 KM’s. After the Expressway, We entered into Rohtak-Panipat Highway. 

The Sun was already Set, but Rohtak was Still 50 Km’s. We Reached our Hotel at 8:30 PM Safely. 

We did the Check in Formalities. We didn’t want to Eat food from the Hotel itself. So I thought of Ordering it through Zomato. I Ordered Coffee and Some Veg Thalis for our Dinner, it was Decent.

We need to Wake up Early the very next Morning, So After doing some work, I set Alarm for 4:30 AM for the Next Morning and Slept.

To end this Blog I would like to Tell you that, This was our journey from Khatima to Rohtak, In the next part I will Continue this Blog Series as our Destination is Jaisalmer. I will be uploading the Next Part on Tuesday (14 April) So Stay tuned. If you are Reading this Article Late, then i will put the Link of the Next Part here > https://www.rohitchauhan.in/jaisalmer-rajasthan-by-road-1400-km/




It was Fun Completing this Route

Thank you so much for reading this Blog, Please Share it with your Friends, Your Support is Everything.

Rohit Chauhan

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