Photo of Nanakmatta Sahib

Nanakmatta Sahib Gurudwara | Udham Singh Nagar

Explored a Very beautiful Place near Khatima of Udham Singh Nagar on our Way to Pithoragarh. The Place is Known as Nanakmatta Sahib. Their is a Very Prestigious Gurudwara over there. Many People visit the Gurudwara to Worship. You can See few Pictures :

Photo of Nanakmatta Sahib

Assuming you are coming from Sitarganj Area, As you Enter towards the City Road, You will See Big White Colored Gate like Structures, You have to go through that Road. As you enter, after 300-400 m you will get Free Parking at the Left Side. Yes, you don’t have to pay for that. Parking is Completely Free. After Parking, Just head out of that Parking area to Start your Journey to the Most beautiful and Seren Place ever. You have to Remove your Socks and Shoes before entering the Gurudwara. 

Photo of Nanakmatta Sahib
Photo of Nanakmatta Sahib

There are many specific places, where Photography is Prohibited, so you have to take care of that. After Getting inside the Gurudwara, you have to Place your Head on the Ground to worship the God ( Maatha Tekna in Hindi).

You can Sit and Meditate Quietly inside the Gurudwara. When you get out of the Gurudwara, you will be Given Kadha Prasad. you will notice a Very Old Peepal Tree outside. You can read the History behind that Tree.

Pictures of Fishes

As you move forward, you will be noticing a Very Beautiful Sarovar, with Vibrant Fishes inside the Sarovar. After spending a Great time over there. We came out of the Gurudwara. We were recommended by the Locals to try out the Langar Provided by the Gurudwara. We had our Langar and Head out of the Gurudwara. 

You will see many kinds of Local Shops Outside. We went into our Car and Headed towards our Destination.

At last, I want to End this Blog by saying, that you should Definitely Visit this Holy Place, People who love Calm and Peacefull Environment can Come over to this Place. 

Thank you

-Rohit Chauhan

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