Perfect Semi Formal Outfit Ideas

In this Article, I will show you How I styled White T-shirt with Brown Chinos to get a Perfect Semi-Formal Outfit. So let’s get started


Some looks with Semi-Formal Outfit

Closeup Picture of itsrrohit

1st Picture

Picture of Rohit Sitting on Stairs

2nd Picture

Closeup Picture of Rohit Chauhan

3rd Picture (Well this is the first picture I uploaded on Instagram in which I smiled)

Rohit Posing Picture

4th Picture

Anyone can Create this Look with Any kind of Light and Dark Combination. My belt was Well matching with the Chinos. And I matched my T-shirt with my Shoes. This way you can Play with Clothes, to Nail the Fashion game.

I created this Semi-Formal Outfit, for my Instagram Shoot. Do tell me in the Comments Section if you liked them. Do share this Blog with your Friends for Styling Inspirations.

Thank you

– Rohit Chauhan

T-Shirt Link:

Chinos Link:

White Shoes:

Brown Belt:


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