Perfect Semi Formal Outfit Ideas

In this Article, I will show you How I styled White T-shirt with Brown Chinos to get a Perfect Semi-Formal Outfit. So let’s get started


Some looks with Semi-Formal Outfit

Closeup Picture of itsrrohit

1st Picture (Semi-Formal Outfit)

Semi Formal Outfit on Rohit Chauhan

2nd Picture (Semi-Formal Outfit)

Closeup Picture of Semi Formal Outfit

3rd Picture (Well this is the first picture I uploaded on Instagram in which I smiled)

Rohit Posing in Semi formal outfit Picture

4th Picture

Anyone can Create this Perfect Semi Formal Outfit Look with Any kind of Light and Dark Combination. My belt was Well matching with the Chinos. And I matched my T-shirt with my Shoes. This way you can Play with Clothes, to Nail the Fashion game.

I created this Semi-Formal Outfit, for my Instagram Shoot. Do tell me in the Comments Section if you liked them. Do share this Blog with your Friends for Styling Inspirations.

Thank you

– Rohit Chauhan


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