Shyamlatal Lake | A Heaven To Be Noticed | Champawat Uttarakhand

Recently been to a Trip to Shyamlatal Lake and had an Amazing Time Over their. Shyamlatal lake is Situated in Champawat District of Uttarakhand. Shyamlatal is about 370 km from Delhi and 27km from Tanakpur (Closest Railway Station). It is really a Beautiful Place to Hangout and Have some pictures Clicked. 

Click to see Shyamlatal picture

We went there from a City named Khatima (50km from Shyamlatal). the Road is Pretty good till there. You will Find many Parking Spots over there once you reach. We reached there, and astonished by watching Zero Crowd. We were literally amazed. We started our Photoshoot Session. The Beauty of this place is Breathtaking. I will be Posting the Pictures here, so that you get an idea of how the place actually Looks. 

Picture of Rohit Standing near Shyamlatal
Click to see portrait of itsrrohit

There are some little shops over there, which will be Helpful for you when in need. The Mountains at the side of the Lake makes it a Heavenly place. There are some kind of Buildings built over there. It really look good in Pictures. Well you can see the Picture here.

After having an Amazing time over there, we bid a Good Bye to this Beautiful place. Shyamlatal Lake is a Place which should be Explored by Every tourist Exploring the Kumaon Regions of Uttarakhand.

Breathtaking view

To end this Blog Article, I would like to thank you all for reading it till here. I am really very grateful. Please leave a Comment if you Liked this Article. Let me know your Queries in the Comment Section.

Thank you

-Rohit Chauhan

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