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10 Healthy Foods to eat Daily during Lockdown

Staying Healthy is really a Difficult task during this tough Situation. I don’t know if you are Following your Diet or not. But I am here to tell you guys 10 Foods To Eat Daily During Lockdown :

1. Oats

Picture of Oats

Oats is one of the most Fiber rich Food that you can Try. It is extremely Nutritious and Antioxidants rich , Perfect for Breakfast.

Some of My Favorite Oats Brands:

  1. Saffola Oats
  2. Quaker Oats

2. Salads

Foods to eat during Lockdown

Salads are rich in Water Content so it is recommended. Extremely Good for Eyes and It will Help in Digestion. You should Definitely Include them in your Daily meals.

3. Warm Honey and Lemon Water

Pic of Lemon Honey water

It Helps you to Detoxify your Body Hence Increasing immunity and Various other Problems. I will recommend you to Drink it As Soon as you wake up.



Easiest Dairy to Digest. It Aims at improving Stomach Health, Support Strong Bones, etc. It is really an Important Item and it’s been many Years since I am Having this Regularly.

5. Simple Water

Glass Full Water

There are n Number of Benefits of Drinking Enough Litres of Water Every day. Water is Life; it will Help in Lubrication of your Joints, Delivery of Oxygen throughout the Body

6. Cereals

Cereal picture

Cereals are High in Nutrition and a Perfect option for Health Conscious people. Eating Cereal during Breakfast Helps you to eat Healthy throughout the Day.

My recommendations:

  1. Kellogg’s Granola
  2. Yogabar Muesli 

7. Milk

Picture of milk

Milk is the Best Source of Calcium and Vitamin D. Everyone of us knows the Health Benefits of Having Milk on a Daily basis. Try to have the Milk without sugar as the amount of Sugar is already High in Milk.

8. Egg

Eggs Picture

It is really Very inexpensive and a High-Protein Source. It also Consists of Various Vitamins and Minerals that will help you Complete your Nutritional Requirements. That’s why everyone recommends you to eat Eggs Daily 🙂

9. Dry Fruits

Picture of nuts

Dry Fruits are Capable of providing you Enough Nutrition from very less amount of it. Most of them are rich in Minerals, Proteins, Fibre and Vitamins. You can Consume it Directly or Consume it with any kind of Snacks. It is Perfect option for you to Consume during this Lockdown period.

10. Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

Vegetable Vendor of India

Eating Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables ensures that you are getting optimum nutrition from them. You are Not consuming much of Pesticides. Check your Vegetables and Fruit Vendors, and Ask them to Give some seasonal Produces. Our Indian Market is Full of Seasonal Fruits and Veggies which will really help us to stay Healthy

In Conclusion, I would like to tell you that you can Still maintain your Health just by having these food  items in your Everyday Life.

So this was the Blog article, I hope you Liked it. Do Tell me the Ways you are Keeping yourself Fit during these Challenging times.

Thank You

Rohit Chauhan

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