Jaisalmer Rajasthan by Road 1400 KM | Part 2

Hey all, This is 28th of January. I will give you a Brief one line Description of the Last Part we read. We Reached our Hotel in Rohtak from Khatima yesterday. We need to Continue our Journey till Jaisalmer Rajasthan by Road.

So we all Woke up at 4:30 AM, Got readied. We Packed our Stuffs, and Checked out of the Hotel. It was Dark and Foggy Outside. We don’t know How will we Manage to drive in the Fog. But still we Departed from that place. We turned on the Heater of the Car to feel warm. Trust me it was too damn Cold. We Picked up the Highway to Bhiwani. I was driving a bit Slow because of the Foggy Roads. We reached Bhiwani and the Sun was already up.

We stopped the Car for Refueling and tire Pressure Check. After spending about 5 minutes, We continued our Way. We were still in Haryana State till 10:30 AM. We were Finding a restaurant to Drink some Tea. We didn’t got a Good Restaurant but Luckily found a Local Shop which has a Tea Stall. We spent 10 Minutes Drinking Tea over there.

Click to see Picture of Jaisalmer Trip
JSM Trip Pic

After that we Resumed our Journey. The Roads were Little Bit narrow till we entered Rajasthan. We can feel a totally Different Vibe as soon as we entered Rajasthan. For driving about 80 KM’s on that Narrow Road, Finally a Good Highway Came. But the Main problem of that Highway was, it has Breakers on some Unusual Locations. I bumped the Car at a Speed of 50-60KMPH on that Huge breakers. God knows who make these Breakers on the Highways.

Clear Highway

We didn’t had our Breakfast that Day, I don’t know why, maybe because of the Excitement of the Road trip. Hehe Just Kidding

 I want to tell all of you that, Roads of Rajasthan are way way better than any of the Roads in India. They are Empty as F*. You can’t see any of the Vehicles till Miles, Hence making your Way more Easy. I have never seen such Open Roads in my entire Life.

Road 1

Jaisalmer have very less number of trees and Vegetation as Compared to other Places in Rajasthan. We are capable of Covering way too much of Distance in a Single day in Rajasthan than other Places around India. Low traffic, Less Houses are the Main reason. We want to reach Bikaner as soon as we can.

 Bikaner is about 350 KM from Rohtak and Jaisalmer is about 400 KM ahead from Bikaner. That Means we need to cover 750KM+ in a Single day. We reached Bikaner at around 2:30 PM. We want to do Lunch and we really forgot to Stop at Bikaner for lunch. After about 30 KMs we realized that we have to do Lunch. We were finding for a Decent restaurant to Eat. We stopped at 10+ Restaurants and moved on just because of the Conditions of the Restaurants. (It is really difficult to find a Good Restaurant in Highways, So please remember to Carry your food or Try to Have it in Cities)

JSM Highway
Road of RJ

 After struggling so much, we finally got a Decent Restaurant. After having it, we stopped for a Quick Photo and Video session over there. We decided not to stop after this till Jaisalmer as the Sun was setting at a Very Faster Rate 😉

Night Road RJ

The Highway was as Usual, it was Dark and we haven’t reached Pokran yet. Pokran is a well know place known for its Atom Bomb testing.  We reached Pokran at about 7:30 PM.

Night Pokran
RJ Highway

We again Checked the tire Pressure and Fueling of the Car. We saw many Deer’s along the Highway during Night. We can see our Boundary of Military Station after an Hour. But our Military station is way too Big. So we need to Travel more 20 KMs to reach the main Gate.

Jaisalmer City

We finally reached our Station Gate. Did all the Checking formalities as we are entering a Military Station. We all Reached our House safely and early. Thanks to the Roads of Rajasthan.

We successfully completed 1400 KM by road in 2 Days.

We Moved our Car Luggage after that and the only thing we did is We slept 😉

I am Glad that you read it till the End.

Please do a Comment if you are Still reading this.

Here is the End of this Series. Thank you so much for Reading.

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